Abbott’s Dishonesty Calls Integrity Into Question.

By now many of us are scratching our heads about the interview Governor Abbott gave on Fox News. Texas is not a green friendly state, we are knee deep in oil, and natural gas.

So, imagine my surprise when Abbott stated that our crisis was created by green energy machinery. Windmills weren’t the issue, poor planning was the issue. Abbott should have been meeting with ERCOT before the first snowflake landed on the ground.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.

I can only imagine how helpless these families are feeling after being without electricity for days. Some years ago when we lived in Garland, Texas we were hit with a tornado the day after Christmas. Our electricity was off for a couple of days, which resulted in me breaking canvases down , and using them for firewood.

Today we find ourselves without water, but we are blessed. We are trying to conserve electricity in order to help fight off another round of blackouts. This is the reason, I am doing this article on my phone.

I find it ironic how we are always asked to sacrifice. We have been asked to sacrifice our lives for the economy, and now they want people to sacrifice their lives once again for their pockets.

Why is the GOP constantly asking people to sacrifice and they aren’t willing to give anything in return? I guess we are all modern day slaves for the GOP until someone votes them out. They flushed integrity down the drain a long time ago. Abbott just clarified that with his lies on national TV. Stay warm.

Photo by Markus Spiske on

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