Streaming Services For K-Dramas

There are currently a few sites that have K-dramas, but I would love to point your attention to It is a site that requires a small subscription of $4.99 per month. You get to see K-dramas that you wouldn’t normally get to see on Netflix or Hulu. You are also able to see new K-dramas as they come out on

True Beauty

If you aren’t sure of sites like because they are not as notable as Netflix or Hulu, you can rest assured that their site is safe. The headquarters for is in California with other locations around the globe.

We are currently viewing True Beauty. True Beauty is about a female that has two identities. She is pretty and a plain Jane at any given time. Her story is about a young girl that has to come to terms with finding comfort in a guy that likes her for who she is. It is about dealing with the insecurities that young women often face and the fear of being normal without the make-up. True Beauty was a comic that started off on Webtoon. We are currently watching the first season, so if you are into K-dramas, tune in.

Photo by cottonbro on

Now, here comes the skinny. Currently, the only subscription we are having an issue with is Apple. Apple needs to figure out a way to bundle its services with other networks. I love the way Hulu has managed to provide it’s bundling, but Apple needs a little more work.

My only problem with Hulu is that some of their bundles rival the cost of cable. Part of the reason people turned to online streaming was to get away from the high cost of cable. We have Hulu and HBOMAX, which is around 22 dollars. Yet, the live cost for Hulu will set you back 64.99 for Basic plus Live. If your family is anything like our family, that adds up fast. We are paying for like three versions of Apple, Viki, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and Disney.

Yet, with all of that said our children seem to like the most. Go figure!

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