Can America Survive Trump For Another 13 Days?

There are so many questions floating around in the minds of many Americans today. Many of us have seen the decline of American values over the past four years. In many ways, we watched a novel written before our very eyes. Trump’s character came fully into view yesterday with no remorse as millions of Americans were glued to their TVs watching the assault of the nation, in disbelief.

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From country to country, people witnessed Trump applaud his followers and excuse them for their attempt to circumvent the Electoral College certification. It was a shameful moment, if not the most embarrassing moment, caught on national TV for the entire world to see. What I find perplexing is that you still have people willing to take up for the behavior.

People should be asking questions right now. Why is Trump clinging to the White House like a person clinging onto their last breath? Why would Trump not move to protect the Capitol after he first found it was in danger? What was the plan behind this uprising? Why did he feel the need to herd a group of his followers on lawmakers on this specific day? It stinks of desperation. Just what are we going to find after President Trump leaves office?

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I am willing to bet we will find issues with COVID-19, Russia, and other skeletons trying to beat their ways out of the closet. The scary part is that we have 13 more days before Biden takes over. For some reason, Trump is acting out in sheer desperation. Will, there be another attempt to overthrow the government, or will he calm down? I am not buying that he hates losing.

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A little reflection! We have always prided ourselves on being the moral compass of the world. We have been so focused on looking outward at others and judging how they govern that we have let our leadership slip into question. We have multiple people serving in top government positions that protected Trump from the consequences of his prior misbehaviors.

His deeds were not hidden from the world or any of us. Senators and other members of Congress looked the other way, one too many times. While I am glad to see some of the Republicans finally starting to understand the error of their ways, I feel like their timing has put us in danger. Who knows what will happen in the next 13 days, and how will America survive Trump for the time being?

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