Why Many Are Shaking Their Heads At Gamestop Shares.


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Trading can be very tricky for people who have little to no insight into stocks. Getting in on the right stock at the right time provides nearly the same level of excitement as winning the lottery. With that said, if you do not know what you are doing when it comes to investing, you could throw away a lot of money. This is the reason I mine Bitcoin, but that conversation is for another day!

Right now, everyone is eyeing the GameStop drama. Some of the electronic trading platforms halted transactions of buying and selling GameStop. This was more than likely due to the lack of transparency behind what was causing the stock to rise. , To understand the gravity of the situation, one must investigate the stock. So, we start by taking the stock ticker. It is the symbol for the company. Tickers can change if the company changes names or merges. Right about now, people are seeing this pop up when they type in GME!

Market Volatility

In the interest of helping to mitigate risk, we have put restrictions in place on certain securities. Restrictions may include actions like increasing margin requirements or limiting certain types of transactions in the current market conditions. For the latest list of impacted stocks, visit tdameritrade.com/restricted.

We are looking at GameStop the ticker, is GME it is selling at over 300 bucks per share. Now, this is the issue that prompted the sites to shut the sales down. First of all, you can check a stock’s history. I like reading about the history because it tells you what the stock has been doing for weeks, all the way up to years. So, GME was positioned at 96.80 per share five days ago. One month ago, it was 19.38 cents per share. Six months ago, it was 4.06 per share. So, let’s look at the news. If a stock has risen from $4.06 to $333.00 in six months, we would expect to see some earth-shattering news.

So, the next thing we look at is the news related to GameStop. In December, there was an article published by The Motley Fool. It went into explaining why GameStop would have to close 800 of their stores. This means the store will take in less revenue unless they can revamp their store to move their products to gamers. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/12/17/why-is-gamestop-closing-stores-after-its-best-sale/

Right now, we have companies like Steam and Epic who are selling PC games, and companies like Epic have free giveaways weekly. Many of the games found at GameStop are being sold online with Xbox subscriptions and PlayStation subscriptions. These subs let players play as many games as they want for a set amount of money each month. So, players no longer have to go to stores to get their favorite games.

We haven’t purchased a game in a store for years. We use Steam and Epic when it comes to gaming. One of the reasons was because of the wear and tear of the disk. When it comes to GameStop and the future, look for similar reasons. People buy online because it is faster. They do not have to worry about scratches, and they never have to worry about putting the disk in. If you look at the future and how everything is geared towards right now and here, companies like GameStop will not last much longer. Especially, when the platforms that make these games are cutting out the middle man. This is the reason for the warning. If this stock goes down, there is a fear that people can do this to others in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, if you entered in this stock six months ago, you made some money over the last two days, but I would be very cautious about moving forward because it is a store on the brink unless they can turn into something like a Steam or Epic for Playstation or the other game systems.

Biden Needs To Executive Order Marijuana Legalization


In times of crisis, new ideas spring forward. With President Biden and the Democrats controlling both the Senate and House, this is the perfect time to push a new marijuana law on the table. People in states that still view marijuana as illegal should be writing their Congressmen and asking them to revamp the laws.

COVID-19 has wrecked the economy in numerous states, but we have a potential gold mine ready for the taking. It doesn’t require drilling or luck; it requires land. I am talking about the task of growing marijuana. America is currently producing upwards of 12.7 billion dollars in revenue on cannabis.

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States like California and Colorado are racking up the dough with billions in revenue, while States like Texas are sitting by the way-side watching money slip away. The fear of legalizing marijuana is a fear that will be costly in the future.

It is kind of funny when you think about it! Texas has this uncanny trust in residents to put on a mask and protect each other from COVID, but they do not trust them enough to legalize marijuana. Our medical marijuana program is a joke. We currently have eight illnesses that qualify for medical marijuana. Two new illnesses are up for debate at the end of this year PTSD and chronic pain. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/01/04/texas-medical-marijuana-2021/

“Industry experts say Texas’ narrowly designed program is also hindering a market that could help drive Texas’ economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.”


Texas is not alone in its hesitance to legalize the selling and growing of marijuana. There are only 13 states that allow recreational use of marijuana. We have 21 states that fall under some branch of medical usage, and four more states are looking at expanding their laws this year.

However, there are many states in America right now that are under some form of chaos. The chaos is due to the economic downfall created by COVID-19. One of the ongoing problems with states that have legalized marijuana is the cost of getting a license. Licenses in most states are costly. The cheapest state to buy a license, and sell marijuana, can be found in Oregon. They seem to have a very straight to the point license application.

If Biden pushes an executive order on legalizing marijuana at the federal level, we will see more states warm to the idea of cultivation. If states like California can make nearly 4 billion in revenue, think about what Texas would be able to accomplish! For landowners like many of us, we are just waiting and hoping for the green light. If we ever get the green light, we will need to address the fee for licensing. The way it stands, only rich people or people with enough wealth can afford the start-up for marijuana cultivation. The fee is outrageous. We won’t even go into how Texas has something like a lottery in terms of determining which companies, get to grow cannabis. It is a way of preventing wealth from spreading. Yet, everyone is so worried about economic growth, right? It is time to get down to business, cannabis makes good business sense.

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With The Democrats In Charge, It Is Time To Visit The World of Green!


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When we were stationed in Europe back in 2006, I noticed something. I noticed that most of my neighbors had beautiful gardens. I would often get a cup of coffee and stand with the window open, taking in the blissful aromas of strawberries from the farm across the street. It reminded me of home. My father farmed potatoes, greens, peas, watermelons, cabbage, and corn.

After we returned home, I noticed a lot of the beautiful trees that I used to walk through, were no longer standing. For whatever reason, someone had chopped them down, and replaced a lot of the open space with cows. Now that the Democrats are in charge, I think we will gravitate more towards a European way of living when it comes to efficiency. However, with that change comes a few obstacles due to the price that comes from upgrading.

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Upgrading will not be an easy transformation for many Americans. No matter how you cut it, energy efficiency requires money. We often hear people talk about solar panels as a means of controlling electric bills. While they look cool, and the idea rocks, solar panels are expensive. Solar panels will run you anywhere from 7500 to 9000 just for the solar panels, and maybe a generator. We are not even talking about the installation process or replacing a roof because it is not in compliance with the installation.

The entire installation can run as much as 24000 in some cases. Panels might not be an option for some residents if they live in areas with rules preventing the solar panels because of HOA’s. In some of your historical districts, solar panels are not allowed at all because they want to keep the areas authentic. Other things could hinder the installation of panels could be trees. Solar panels have to access direct contact with the sun. Cost isn’t the only issue with solar panels. Solar panels have been known to hurt habitats due to the destruction of trees and cause harm to farmland.

So, if panels seem a little too iffy, it might help to look at solar windows and screens. I have 23 windows in my house, and if I were to go solar, the cheapest replacement would cost me 2392.00 for all windows. Blinds are another story! For some reason, blinds are expensive. For all 23 windows in my house, it would cost us 2691.00 which, means we would have to pay at least 5k for upgrading our windows and blinds. I went with the cheapest windows and blinds, by the way.

If you are looking to learn about pricing. Try stores like Home Depot, shopsolarkits.com, Lowes and other stores that focus on home repair. It is a good idea to start looking now because the future is fast approaching.

The Unending Quest For Freedom


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There have been recent arguments over freedom and what amounts to being restrictive when we think about our rights. When people talk about freedom, the first thing that comes to mind is uncontrollable restriction. Some view this in different ways. Some people feel that restrictions come in boxes with the government wrapped around them. Others might view it as a box wrapped in relationships.

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We have been dealing with the fear of giving up freedom for many years now. It has created a group of people that no longer want to get married or be in monogamous relationships. Ask any single person why they want to be single, and the chances will be because they like having their freedom.

As Americans, we have come to worship the word more so today than any other day in history. We have used the word so often today that I fear some of us no longer understand the meaning. It’s sad when you see people who have so much, continue to want more more more. The lack of empathy has helped to spread COVID-19 to millions of people.

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I look at the young adults of today, and it scares me. Take social media, for example, people have stopped going out to meet people the old fashion way. They use the apps to search for dates like they would use a catalog to search for clothing. It gives them freedom to date as many people as they want, but it also helps to spread STD’s.

Whenever we focus solely on our liberties, something negative happens in return. We were too focused on not wearing a mask with COVID 419,000 people died. We were too focused on having a good time, people stopped getting married, we were too focused on our political views, our Capitol was stormed.

We were not held captive inside our homes; we still had access to the outside world. We did not have an iron mask nailed to our faces or marriages forced on us, yet we heard cries for freedom. Unless you are a victim of the human slave trade, captive in an abusive relationship, or live in some countries that truly do take away your freedoms, is it okay to cry about freedom?

Perhaps, freedom looks different to me because my ancestors were in chains and sold at markets. They were forced to work sun up to sun down with all kinds of physical, sexual, and mental abuse. Perhaps, it looks different because of my time spent with women to help rebuild their lives after they were held captive for months by abusive boyfriends. What is freedom?