Trying To Look Inside The Mind Of A Trump SUpporter

Some Americans are dreading the approaching deadline of the confirmative for 538 electoral votes that will finalize the defeat of Donald Trump today. It is a normal process that takes place every four years, but this election year has been anything but typical.

U.S. President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally at Reading Regional Airport in Reading Pennsylvania , U.S., October 31, 2020. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Due to the nature of this election and the amount of misinformation, America faces an uncertain future. In the past, deception was never an issue on the scales we see today. This administration has dealt heavily in falsehoods, especially after the election. Perhaps the most compelling tale comes from the outcomes of cases brought before judges. We have two different versions of the truth floating around.

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We have the version that Trump’s people bring before judges, which result in thrown out cases and eye raises from anyone with a history of practicing law. And then we have the version that has circulated to the public. The problem is that most of Trump’s supporters have been victims of his lies for so long that they no longer know who to trust.

In some ways, some are finding themselves alienated from others within the party due to the eye-opening facts that have been raised by the chaos from this election. It isn’t something most people want to talk about because it brings up a lot of painful questions. Did Trump see the average rural voter as someone so unsophisticated that they would never second guess his behavior or statements?

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He has managed to spread his lies around like a baker spreads icing on a cake. So, it is now time to look at the Trump voter many would call country, but few would understand. Country people are some of the most hard-working people I’ve met. I remember growing up as a little girl helping my father take off his steel toe boots. His feet would be blue and black from all the labor at the plant, but he would never complain. You would never hear him complain about the work or any work, to be honest. After work, he would jump on the tractor and plow the fields on many occasions.

He was the same person who risked his life to save a family out of a nearly flipped car and worked the same job for over 26 years up until his retirement. The heart of the country isn’t people caught up in hate. They are people who pride themselves on hard work and the ability to take care of their families. They are also very loyal. My father had friends that he had made when he was a young man growing up in the dirt.

I am not sure how Trump managed to get this gem of people, but he did. Perhaps, if we try to understand this section of people, we will come to understand the need to be patient with those who are struggling with Trump’s defeat. At the end of the day, feelings are caught up in this election. Nobody wants to be the victim, but I fear this group has been victimized by Trump. There are good Trump supporters out there; we must give them time to come to terms with reality.

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