Trump’s Unshakeable Reason Behind Insisting He Won The White House

By ignoring the facts that Trump used to Postal Service to slow down election ballots across the country, we are forgiving perhaps the largest case of suppression since before the Voting Rights Act was passed. While many of us are focusing on the wording coming from some of the Republicans supporting Trump, we are ignoring the fact that the Postal Service was targeted by the Trump administration.

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Some of our citizens view this as a Republican vrs Democratic issue, but it is much darker. If one person can put a plan in place to disenfranchise an entire political sphere, then we are looking at someone not respecting the values this country. Ask yourself, why is Trump so sure those ballots never made it to the states on time. Could it be because he knew steps had been set in motion to prevent the intended ballots from reaching certain places?

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Due to the chaotic blow that was dealt to our U.S. Postal Service, I think we should look at having a total recount of votes throughout the country. How many states were missing Biden ballots and how many ballots are still filtering in? Why would states like GA and PA move to prevent late ballots during a pandemic? We know PA did not start counting their mail in ballots until the day of the election. There is no possible way a ballot placed in PA on the third could have been mailed on the 6th and postmarked on the third unless someone time travelled to the 6th and back to the 3rd. See how crazy that sounds?

Biden was leading Trump by the morning of the 4th, which means the votes came by the mail in ballots. Do not let anyone lie to you. Something smells bad, but it might not be what we are being told.

About 1 hour after I uploaded my article a new UPDATE was posted on TWITTER!!!! The person behind the whole postmark situation reversed his story. As I stated before, the information made no sense to start with. Think about things before you cosign your opinions. If it doesn’t make sense, more than likely, it is a lie.

Form Your Own…

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