Schools With COVID and No Closure

Do the people in charge of our schools know all they need to know about the transmittal of COVID-19? Our local paper stated that our children’s high school now has a case of COVID-19. An email was shared earlier that day by some students on social media about the outbreak, which soon followed an article in our local newspaper. So far, at least four cities in our county have cases of COVID-19 in their schools.

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The schools are not closing down. They are still open, and one city saw their teachers file a lawsuit due to unsafe environments. It is risky to keep these schools open and more students come down with COVID-19. Where is the guidance? I keep reading about the districts talking about their so-called plans.

However, so far, I do not see a plan that prevents a spread. Sure, it helps that some children are remote. However, what happens to the children that go to school in those classrooms? Even if they social distance, how will the teacher not get sick? At the end of the day, people are not staying 6 feet away from each other when you have a school with so many students. From some of the comments I have seen from the school officials, I have to wonder if they know what they are doing. I would wager that many do not understand how COVID-19 spreads. I blame this on the CDC. The CDC has been very inconsistent with news regarding the prevention of COVID-19.

Just last week, they stated that asymptomatic people could spread COVID-19. When I took the COVID-19 class five months ago; it talked about the 2 days before symptoms started to appear. At that time, people were able to get sick and pass COVID-19 to others before any symptoms started. So, to see that these schools are not closing with cases of COVID does worry me.

Are we inadvertently preventing things from getting back to normal because we are trying to force normal out of an abnormal situation?

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