Trying To Understand How Trump Could Ignore His Own Voters Due To Political ICing.

Trump’s lack of empathy for the blue states showcases a major flaw in his ability to lead a nation. When I think about a leader, I often picture someone like Sir William Wallace rallying his men on the battlefield. The one image that never crosses my mind is someone cheapening the grief and hardships of people belonging to an opposing party.

To make matters worse, Trump has tried to cut off his voters by shunning the Democratic leaders in the states that he labels blue. By even thinking about allowing those states to go bankrupt, he is showing just how much he doesn’t care about the lives of the very people he swore to protect.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Election Day

To some degree, he has desensitized his position as a leader of a nation. It is unclear how his voters will react to his betrayal this upcoming election. The only thing we know for sure, is that millions of Republicans voted for Trump in the very states he wants to lay by the way-side.

I guess the real question is what kind of self repair button does a country need in order to find a way forward? When such lines of division have been made and drawn by the very leader of a nation, how does a nation survive? We are facing something so unstable right now. It’s almost scary to think about what happens in 47 days. I have this sinking feeling that no matter who wins, America will struggle to survive the Trump years.

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