History Doesn’t Always Have to repeat.

History has always been my favorite subject. I loved it in elementary school to middle school and beyond. However, there was one common theme that always seemed to appear before major catastrophic events. People lost faith in their leaders.

It appears time and time again throughout history. People lose their way, and then chaos walks in. What baffled me was the acceptance of would-be dictators. Often these people would appear to be loyal, protectors, and worldly-wise. While they were plotting their path, people were too busy feeling protected to realize they were walking into a trap.

Before they knew it, their rights were carried away one by one. It started with things many people didn’t even consider liberties. In time the lack of liberties grew. Some people today see wearing a mask as taking away a right. I look at it this way. Wearing a mask means I can be a Super Hero anytime I want. You often see me riding around in my car with the window down and my mask on listening to my Birds Of Prey CD. I’m thinking about getting leather pants to match!!!

Photo by mikoto.raw on Pexels.com

In reality, being forced to work under unsafe conditions would be the worse of the two. It is a mind game if I give you one, and I take two, have I really helped you? Now children are being forced back to school under the threat of money being withheld from their school districts. This is another liberty that we are seeing removed. https://www.wsj.com/articles/pentagon-to-close-half-its-schools-in-u-s-over-coronavirus-concerns-11597345938

The lastest is an all-out assault on the Postal Service. Some of the people depend on the Postal Service for the bulk of their outside communication with debtors. People get checks, medication, and due dates for utilities on a regular basis through the mail. Some people are able to send mail or mail packages at affordable rates via Postal Service. For some small struggling businesses, it can be the difference between making it or not.

So when you are thinking about those liberties, think about what rights you are giving up or losing today.

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