COVID-19 Struggles In Texas

Last week my daughter got sick and was displaying signs of COVID-19. According to the website if anyone is having signs they need to isolate which is what we made her do. She was isolated in her room until her fever went away without having to use medication to keep it down. We were the ones cooking and bringing the meals downstairs to her. After her fever went away and she didn’t need any more meds she was free to return to normal. It turns out she did not have COVID-19.

This was still a wake-up call for her because it was a glimpse of what could have happened if it were COVID-19. She was isolated until her fever was three days gone without any medication. This means she only had access to her bathroom and she couldn’t watch any TV. We both talked to her and explained how she was lucky because if she had COVID-19 she would be in this room for 14 days. By the end of day three she totally got it. While it was hard not seeing her walk around the house being her normal goofy self, it was even scarier seeing her bedridden with fever for nearly 24 hours. The ER was like bring her in if her condition gets worse, and it took a day or two for nurses to return calls.

When you are dealing with adults, it is hard to explain the reason why. If you recall, my daughter got sick after she went out with some guy two days prior to her coming down with a bad headache and body aches. She met this person from Tinder. Prior to this incident, she would ask why couldn’t she just go out and do what she wanted because she was 18. She would inform us that her guy friends were telling her that she should be able to do whatever she wants because she is grown. So, she wanted to know why we were treating her like a child. Why is a difficult word for many of us and especially for children, but when children are transitioning into adults, it is even harder. I think my biggest fear is that she goes to college and takes this same carefree attitude with her. There are so many dangers awaiting our children and while I am glad this situation turned out okay, for many daughters it didn’t end well. Some of those girls never made it home. So, I have decided to take her with me to the next sex trafficking conference.

As for COVID-19. My husband’s boss has it and the office was closed from Friday until yesterday. All of the people who worked with his boss including my husband are back at work today. None of the people were able to get tested. I do not know how we are doing things in Texas. I thought if someone you work with comes up positive for COVID-19 that those people who work with that individual are supposed to go into isolation. However, they are not requesting it and not testing the people who worked with his boss. She talked with her employees and worked in the same office. It really feels like we are on our own or are living on borrowed time. I don’t know what to think anymore. Our city made wearing a mask mandatory for a few hours, and then went back to saying it was recommended.

I do not see myself going out anytime soon because I do not want to get mad and end up on someone’s YouTube channel. So for now I am trying to take it easy and calm down.

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