COVID-19 Worries Hit Home

So as many of you recall, I have told you that it has been a struggle while trying to parent young adults in a pandemic. My 18 year old struggles the most because she wants to go out and hang with her friends. Theaters aren’t open and I do not like visitors because my area is dealing with a surge. Yesterday she woke up complaining about not feeling good. I thought nothing of it. I gave her some headache medicine and she was better 45 minutes later.

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Last night around midnight she was crumbled on the floor talking about having muscles aches and having a horrible headache. She talked about feeling bad after the cat climbed through her window. A window that is supposed to be closed, but it gets better. I looked at her and said nooo I don’t think so. I asked her if she had went out with anyone. She was like nooo of course she wouldn’t. We did this little dance until she informed us that she went out with some guy at 1 AM that she met on a dating site.

So, she went out and got sick after going out. We called the ER and asked if we should bring her in because some of her symptoms were signs of COVID-19. She went out with this person on Monday and she started having signs on Wednesday. Right now we are waiting to hear back from someone, we had to give all of our information over the phone and she is in isolation downstairs. They said bring her into the ER if she gets worse. This morning she seems to be feeling a little better. I took her some vitamins and I will be bringing her some chicken noodle soup for lunch.

I really hope she doesn’t have COVID-19, but if she does this confusion comes from leadership. They are telling our children one minute it is okay to go out and the next telling them to stay in. No matter what we try to do as parents when they reach the young adult stage, they pull the I am an adult card. So, they feel like as adults they are knowledgeable enough to understand the basic information. What they do not understand is that even the most basic information coming from news can be flawed.

Now she is saying she should have listened to me, well I hope it isn’t too late. I told her she placed her life in danger three different ways on Monday. She went out with a stranger, went out late at night without us knowing, and she went out in the middle of a surge from a pandemic. Anyway that’s my past 13 hours.

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