Special Edition: Texas Opening During COVID-19 Outbreak- NO VISIBLE MASK !

With less than three weeks after Governor Abbott opened parts of Texas, we are now seeing mobs of people appear in various places. We are used to the high numbers of people showing up at grocery stores with their mask and gloves. The mask have been recommended by the CDC as a means to keep the transmission of COVID-19 to a minimum. Yet, today we witnessed something alarming. We visited a state park in central Texas with an undisclosed amount of people and the vast majority of them did not have on any sort of mask.

There were large amounts of people often gathered in groups larger than five. Normally when you pull up to a state park, the ranger, clerk, or receptionist takes your money at the gate. Today the person behind the glass window politely waved people through with the window closed. It felt as if you were visiting two different worlds.

In this bottom picture you will notice our local police department patrolling the area. They weren’t giving out any citations perhaps because nearly the entire park was without the CDC’s requested PPE wear.

If it weren’t for the pictures below, you wouldn’t even remember that we are in the middle of an outbreak. Just a few miles over, lines were starting to form at department stores. Some of the stores were opening with noticeable limits on how many people were allowed to enter at once. As you see, there still seems to be an issue with people standing six feet apart.

While some businesses were opening with strict rules on occupancy, there were others who refused to open at all.

These businesses perhaps tell the tale of what we are still looking at in terms of recovery. We are not out of the woods yet, but our government would have us to believe that all is better. With our governor not sending firm consequences for breaking protocols, he is setting the state of for an epic fail. All we can do is remember these signs stand for a reason. Trusting the government right now might not be an option because the government is thinking about monetary gain and not lives being saved.

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