Don’t Keep It In, Write It Out!

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We are living in a stressful time and people are suffering all over the world. Right now would be a really good time to pick up a hobby or start a new project to get your mind off of the stressful junk. It feels like we are in the middle of a boat that’s headed down the river. We do not know what we will find, but we know we must stay inside , and survive the gathering storm.

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So, instead of worrying about it, blog about it! You can blog about anything under the sun. You can start a blog about poetry, songs, photos, paintings, or even your feelings about being alive in 2020. Your blog is your space to unwind, I think of my blog as a home away from home. It’s 2 in the morning and this is where I want to be.

I think it’s important to have an outlet right now because there are so many people out of work, worried about going back to work, or worried about their loved ones going to work. I mean there is fear at every crossing, but it doesn’t have to immobilize you. I remember when my husband was in Iraq and the girls and I were in Germany. I got word that my mother died which was horrible because this was someone I used to call three and four times a day. Getting on the plane was the hardest thing I ever had to do, because it was to say goodbye for the last time.

In those moments, I ran towards writings, it was my only way of dealing with my grief. I didn’t really know anything about writing. I only knew writing made me miss her less. So, when I wrote The Last Love Story. It was more about how I felt pretty much abandoned even as an adult. I have never had the heart to take the books down, because for me they were a healing process. I do not know where I would be today if it weren’t for those moments back then. So, it is okay to be upset, just make sure you are doing something to deal with the emotions.

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