Yesterday I Purchased A Gun

I grew up around guns and even have guns back in East Texas, but I have never acted on going to pick them up. Lately, there have been recordings of people breaking into homes and cars around my area. They are wearing mask if you can believe it. They are afraid of catching COVID-19, but not afraid of breaking into houses and cars.

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Anyway, I got something that would stop an individual without killing them. My husband wanted a pump action shot gun, but I didn’t want anything that lethal. So, I got something that will stop a person without causing a fatal blow. I got a semi automatic rifle, and I thought it would make me feel more protected. In reality, it just made me feel dread to some degree. If you decide to get a weapon, make sure you do not keep the ammo in the gun. I know it sounds crazy, but it is a precautionary issue. Never store ammo in the gun. Keep the ammo in a location known by you and your spouse.

I remember all the shooting lessons I had with my father when I was younger. I do not know if I want to teach my children how to shoot. My husband and I both know how to handle a gun. He has special training from the military and I have training from my youth.

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I also purchased a treadmill, security cams and new mask on Amazon because we used our last ones yesterday. I hope I am wrong, but if they open the government too soon, things are going to get a lot worse. All we can do is wait this thing out and try to be there for each other. This weekend I plan on trying to grow another round of veggies. I wouldn’t call myself a prepper, but I am certainly not going to be passive in this whole ordeal.

Hope for the best, but plan for the rest.

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