Games Helping To Keep Citizens Indoors and COVID-19 Free.

Video games have gotten bad reputations for many years now. However, today, they are fast becoming the escape from a world of anguish. While some of us who are under shelter-in-place orders take to Netflix or Hulu, there are countless others taking to imaginary worlds created by game developers.

My go to game is Ark. Ark is a game that deals with the development of survival skills, maintaining social relationships, and building bases. The whole idea is to take a piece of land and make it your own, by making a base.

After you make a base you will need to add some protection. I raise the dinosaur known as the tyrannosaurus rex! In order to raise these bad boys, you have to tame them. Aww yes, taming is another feature in the game which allows players to learn the ability to make arrows, and narcotics for knocking out potential friends. There are many more things that you will learn, but I will not spoil all of the fun.

After you have your base and your animals, you will want to do missions. Some people love boss fighting, some taming, and others just love to play the game. So, in the newest expansion which is called Genesis players have the ability do missions which help with gathering loot. You are able to get armor, saddles, and even weapons.

My favorite feature of the game is building. I love building because it takes my mind off of real life stuff and helps me to think about something a little less depressing. You can build a small base, large base, or a giant base! It can get time consuming because you are gathering supplies like wood, stone, and metal for the construction of your base.

At the end of the day, Wildcard is doing a wonderful job when it comes to helping their players stay calm. They are hosting different events that help to keep players alert and busy. This one is to Wildcard. Thanks for being there!

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