Is Texas Doing Too Little With Their Shelter-In-Place Policy?

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Each state has the right to make their own policies while dealing with this virus to some degree. However, some policies seem to do better than others. Here in Texas, the counties are able to come up with their own plans which right now echos the govern’s policy, to some degree.

The problem is our shelter-in-place policy is too vague. It names almost all businesses as essential and even includes churches which could serve as a breeding ground for sickness right now. Governor Abbot doesn’t want to take a stricter tone while dealing with the outbreak, so he is inadvertently leaving large holes in a protection bubble that should be placed around the state.

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Here in my county, we are still seeing new cases every single day. While our numbers aren’t like Dallas, Houston, or other major cities, we are still dealing with potential dangers to our small infrastructures. All it takes is the right case, right organization, and chaos would hit the entire town. If Texas doesn’t do more to define the definition of essential, I fear we will have a major outbreak on our hands.

At this point, our government is trying to maintain an imaginary line of neutrality between health and finance, in my opinion. By not closing more organizations they are risking more exposure. I guess my question is , what does shelter-in-place really mean? Why are there so many updates, and why are we seeing things added to list that were once taken away? We need to all be on the same sheet of music.

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Note of the day: Do not open food before you get home. Make sure you get home first and wash your hands.

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