My City Is Now The Epicenter For Coronavirus In My County.

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It was something that was perhaps destined to happen due to the attitudes in regards to COVID-19. If you recall one of my postings from a couple of weeks ago, I talked about seeing people crowed in the parking lots of restaurants. Around that time we were told that we needed to practice social distancing being around no more than 50 people. This town has a lot of elderly people in it. It was perhaps one of the things that attracted me to it, but now it is one of the reasons the city holds the highest amount of cases in Bell County.

Bell County is home to Fort Hood which happens to be one of the largest Army bases in America. Earlier this week a soldier tested positive for the virus which means the virus has a chance to spread post wide if precautions aren’t put in place. Unlike our city, the base has more control over their soldiers and families stationed in the area. Sadly, Temple does not have the manpower to control movement due to us constantly having a shortage of police.

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I don’t think many people understand the importance of staying at home. Eating out is a way of life for many of us, but after COVID-19 hit, we were forced to alter our routines in many ways. Even today as we are now placed on a shelter in place order, cars are still seen traveling on the road as if things are the same. It is enough to make you scratch your head and wonder if people are paying attention.

I can only conclude that many of these problems stem from the fact that some of these people aren’t listening to the news and are still listening to people with ulterior motives. Right now we have some of our leaders who are telling the elderly that it might be okay for them to go back out into the public sooner rather than later because it is the noble thing to do. Some people like Lieutenant Governor Patrick have even hinted at the need to place the country above the health of our nation.

It is a little scary when you think about it! The fate of many of us will depend on the ability of our neighbors to listen to the CDC. If they are not listening to the CDC, they are putting the city in danger and those like myself who call this place home. At this moment I fear for our little city. We are a smaller city that is now seeing this large outbreak of this virus. Each day is getting a littler scarier for those of us stuck behind the containment zone called home.

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