Latest Information On Our Coronavirus Situation.

So, our situation isn’t getting any better. It’s kind of crazy because as many of you know, I have followed this virus for months. I even tried to get more attention for residents of China and now it is on my doorstep. I keep thinking about the video in my first blog posting about the virus. The young man made it clear, we have to watch how we descend on hospitals. However, I understand the fear of wanting to go. It is scary when you think about an unknown virus and the fact that it can attack your family members.

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Our city which has less than 80,000 people now has a community outbreak. We have hit around 5 cases and the last case happens to be tied to community living in an elderly home. It was reported by our local station that this is our second community level spread. We do not know the ties of the first community spread patient. That’s a little scary because it doesn’t give us any information on where this spread took place. I am not looking for a specific location, but we need to know what industry at least.

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Many of us are afraid because of the outbreak in Washington which was centered around a similar situation. When you are talking about an elderly community, you have to take the community into consideration. You have frequent visitors from the community doing religious work as well as visiting their loved ones. It is scary because there could be a large amount of people linked to that one establishment. We have watched our numbers climb day after day since testing started.

Who knows what tomorrow will look like, but as for now, I hope people keep us in their prayers. I do not know what a Washington like outbreak looks like for my small town. As for my family, we are continuing to do the same. We limit the amount of people who go out, and we also stick to visiting grocery stores in the morning. My husband is still working and will be for the unforeseeable future. His office isn’t working from home yet, and that’s scary. That’s the update. I hope your town is holding up better than mine.

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