We Have A Long Way To Go, So Don’t Be The Coronavirus Carrier, Please.

This afternoon my husband informed me that his office really isn’t taking the coronavirus serious. Apparently, there is a lady in his office that not only went to a outbreak location in Texas, but she also let her child attend a concert after the CDC suggested to stay away from crowds. Her justification is that she knows her body can handle the virus if she gets it.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

Well, my daughter’s immune system cannot handle it and if my husband gets it, there’s a good chance he will bring it home. This is the problem, we have people running around acting like this virus is nothing more than the common cold. We can place all kinds of restrictions on large gatherings, but if people are still willing to attend them, it’s all for nothing.

It is just another reminder of no matter what you do, you cannot prevent dealing with people who take stupid chances. You can plan, hide, and even drench yourself in cleanliness. At the end of the day it only takes one person who thinks they are invincible to spread this virus. I do not see how we will be able to prevent a large scale outbreak as long as people are disregarding the advice of the CDC.

So, as of now we are using our hand sanitizer, spraying with disinfectant spray, and constantly washing hands. We have stopped our children from going to the malls, and sleeping over their friend’s houses. I am not taking anyone to any job interviews in the near future until we get a green light to start moving without the threat of the virus. How are you dealing with this outbreak?

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