Coronavirus: Stores And Rationing!

This morning we woke up and went to the store to grab a few things. The first thing we noticed were new signs posted above the items on the stands. The signs showcase new limits on the amount of food a customer can purchase. Omart – Killeen, Texas.

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Frozen Foods -2

Packages of noodles with a 4 count -2

Boxes of noodles with 6 to 8 count- 1

Water 2

Needless to say, our cart didn’t have quite as many items as we would normally have for taking the 30 minute drive to the store, but I get the need for rationing. We also learned that Walmart’s will now start closing at 11 PM and other stores will no longer be staying open 24 hours. So, at 10 AM stores were full.

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This is somewhat unheard of for a Sunday morning in Texas. When we first started out this morning before 10 AM, we went to Aldi, and people were pulling up and waiting in line at the door. So, that is when I came up with the idea to head off to our favorite market! After we returned to Temple, we went back to Aldi and they now have limits on how many packs of water a person can purchase at the cashier stand. The limit is 2 packs per person which is a start, but I think they and others need to take the Omart approach.

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Instead of just putting limits on water, stores need to start putting limits on food, supplies and other goods. This is the only way people will be able to stay supplied during the duration of this outbreak. I am fearful of what the rest of this day will look like as people learn that their favorite stores will no longer stay open 24 hours. However, it will give others a chance to get the supplies they need due to constant hording.

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