Staying Coronavirus Free Is Going To Be Tricky For Many.

After my husband arrived home from work, he informed me that his co-worker went to Houston for a week. Houston is the city with the most cases in the state of Texas besides San Antonio with the quarantined people. I am a constant planner, so much, that I planned our anniversary getaway based on the likelihood of running into someone with the virus. We ended up going to a lovely cabin in Canyon Lake, which was about an hour from San Antonio. I wanted seclusion, and it was worth it.

I was feeling pretty safe until reality hit me yesterday. You can plan all you want, and take all the necessary precautions, but you cannot prevent others from moving around. It is very important to think about your vacation choices at this point. Nobody should be going to areas with known outbreaks in my opinion because this virus spreads like crazy.

You have to understand, in order to control an outbreak, we all have to do our part. That means we have to be careful not to place ourselves in danger. We shouldn’t be getting on ships, taking flights, or gathering in places with larges amounts of people. This might be uncomfortable for many people, but it will be worth it in the long run.

As of right now, we are having struggles with getting things from stores. We went shopping last night and picked up some extra food and looked for tissue. Finding tissue was hard , so we ended up going to the store once again this morning. We found a Dollar General that still had some rolls, but they were going fast. We are talking about the doors opened at 8 in the morning, and about five people were already there getting all the tissue. We managed to get enough for our family and picked up some paper towels. The store also had a few more cases of bottled water, which was a blessing! Stay safe, and please do not take more than you need.

Take it easy out there and try to stay calm.

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