Trying To Explain The Need For A Quarantine To Kids

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We have been under a shelter-in-place order for weeks now. Weeks feel like months for some reason. So when it rained today, I got really excited and so did the girls. Maybe the rain symbolized some degree of normalcy. The smell was familiar the feeling was comforting and then reality set in. The things we once found annoying were now the things that we missed the most.

The little quaint store I promised to take my youngest child to might not be there if we all make it through this ordeal. As I was thinking about all the little things I missed, my youngest child asked about going over to her friend’s house. She talked about how much she missed her and didn’t think it would be a big deal if she or her friend came to visit.

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So, I asked her if she understood who stood more of a chance of dying due to complications from the coronavirus. She was like old people are the ones who have to worry not me. She is 14 and the picture of healthy. I then pulled up this picture and asked if she recalled taking it.

Taken about 5 yrs ago.

She started laughing and said she remembered the picture and the blanket she got at the hospital. I then informed her that she was one of the people in the danger zone for COVID-19. Due to her frequent bronchitis attacks when she was younger, her lungs were weakened. I then explained that COVID-19 attacks the lungs and for people like her, that attack could be fatal.

Now some of you might think that being that direct with children causes a panic, but it actually explains the virus and the need to quarantine. While my 14 yr old is smart and her own person, she is still a child who needs my protection. If your children are starting to wear you down about seeing their friends because the shelter-in-place order is taking too long, tell them why it is taking long. We owe it to our children to protect them from danger and sometimes that danger might by themselves.

My City Is Now The Epicenter For Coronavirus In My County.

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It was something that was perhaps destined to happen due to the attitudes in regards to COVID-19. If you recall one of my postings from a couple of weeks ago, I talked about seeing people crowed in the parking lots of restaurants. Around that time we were told that we needed to practice social distancing being around no more than 50 people. This town has a lot of elderly people in it. It was perhaps one of the things that attracted me to it, but now it is one of the reasons the city holds the highest amount of cases in Bell County.

Bell County is home to Fort Hood which happens to be one of the largest Army bases in America. Earlier this week a soldier tested positive for the virus which means the virus has a chance to spread post wide if precautions aren’t put in place. Unlike our city, the base has more control over their soldiers and families stationed in the area. Sadly, Temple does not have the manpower to control movement due to us constantly having a shortage of police.

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I don’t think many people understand the importance of staying at home. Eating out is a way of life for many of us, but after COVID-19 hit, we were forced to alter our routines in many ways. Even today as we are now placed on a shelter in place order, cars are still seen traveling on the road as if things are the same. It is enough to make you scratch your head and wonder if people are paying attention.

I can only conclude that many of these problems stem from the fact that some of these people aren’t listening to the news and are still listening to people with ulterior motives. Right now we have some of our leaders who are telling the elderly that it might be okay for them to go back out into the public sooner rather than later because it is the noble thing to do. Some people like Lieutenant Governor Patrick have even hinted at the need to place the country above the health of our nation.

It is a little scary when you think about it! The fate of many of us will depend on the ability of our neighbors to listen to the CDC. If they are not listening to the CDC, they are putting the city in danger and those like myself who call this place home. At this moment I fear for our little city. We are a smaller city that is now seeing this large outbreak of this virus. Each day is getting a littler scarier for those of us stuck behind the containment zone called home.

We Have Been Ordered To Shelter In Place.

Pretty much means this is the only thing we will see outside of going to get food for the foreseeable future. My husband is essential so he will continue to work. They now have clearance to work from the office two days a week and then this will be his workplace for the other three days.

For some people staying at home might be hard, but I suffer from anxiety, so it isn’t that bad for me. We have computers, games for the kids, and art supplies. We also have a nice size exercising mat that allows for some relaxation.

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With our city now being under the Shelter In Place order and seeing cases rise so drastically it is important to make sure the girls remain calm. We are now at nine cases and it’s starting to get a little scary. Even though my husband’s job is essential they have talked to them about the likelihood of the office closing at some point. I would like to shelter in place for at least two weeks without having to go to the store, but I don’t know if that is the smart thing to do. Not going food shopping could result in us not having food in the future. Searching for food is already hard enough as it is. When we go out, we are having to go to at least three different stores to get items that we need.

It’s so hard to find eggs. I have been searching chickens online, but then I don’t know if I can have chickens because I live in the city. I was able to get seeds, so that is definitely something we will work on in the near future. After we plant our veggies, we can at least have salads. I am really thankful that my children love veggies because in the near future that will be a go to item for our house.

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As for everything else, we are hanging in there. I knew this was going to be a bad virus , so I am thankful that I had time to explain it to my children before it got to this point. I’m going to be honest with you, I never thought it would come to our shores. I thought China would get a handle on it before it jumped to other countries, but we are dealing with human nature.

I am sure they had people thinking and doing the same things our people are doing right here. Some of us did not take this virus serious enough and due to that flaw, they became carriers. So, all we can do now, is make the best out of a bad situation and pray. We must continue to listen to the CDC and stay away from people. This is what our county is doing. If you are doing the same or similar post it in the comment section. Don’t feel like you are in this alone. I am sure we are all feeling some sort of way about this and it’s okay to feel that way.

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Living With The Coronavirus Outbreak

When we first got in line, we noticed that a clerk was directing movement. All of the people including us were lined up one behind the other.

This is a trip to the market which ended in three stores and only 40 dollars worth of supplies because many stores are low on supplies. My husband and I are standing behind the guy in the red shirt. Due to the new rules that have been pushed down from the CDC some stores are doing what they can to prevent the spread. This is a necessary move to make sure we are all able to get items for our families. We went to Aldi’s before coming to La Michoacana Meat Market, but most of the items in Aldi’s needed to be restocked, so we checked out our local meat market.

After a few minutes people exited the store and we were able to move closer to the door.

After a certain number of people exited the store, the clerk motioned for a small group to enter. I do not know if this would count as a social gathering, but I know it will help reduce germs. While we were waiting outside with the others, the store’s employees were wiping down door handles and opening the door letting people out.

Finally, it was our time. We stayed here only for a few minutes until the clerk came back and let us in for our few items.

This is the second store that I have seen use common sense management. The stores are doing things to help prevent the impact of the coronavirus. Not only are they helping to reduce contagion, but they are able to keep more items on the stands, and maintain a healthier environment. The other store which is a Korean Market also had people who were very visible with their cleaning procedures. A healthy store, makes for a healthy community.