Ignored Racism And Andrew Yang

As I listened to the debate last night, I couldn’t ignore the feeling of extreme defeat lurking into our living rooms, one by one. We have been polished to believe that racism only grows on the backside of Republicans and outlets like FOX. They are dark, sad, and unable to care for anyone or anything other than white men, is what we were taught. We were taught that they produce nothing more than decay of black neighborhoods and endless sadness.

Photo by George Shervashidze on Pexels.com

We have been told many of these things by news stations like MSNBC, CNN and other heavily leaning Democratic stations with more pull towards a happy therapeutic level of utopia in terms of race, so they claim. As a Yang supporter, I want to declare something to you that shows the heart of the problem. Andrew Yang has not been properly represented in the polls by many of theses outlets, without people having to take firm action by social media. What does that mean about those outlets? It is a problem that seems to happen often to Asian American people or people from that part of the world.

Photo by Ben Cheung on Pexels.com

Take video games for example. You would be appalled to see how much racism is directed towards Chinese players. It is frustrating to hear American players and European players constantly berate these players because they use another form of communication within the game. I find myself always trying to befriend the unfriended because I know once upon a time, we were unfriended too.

If America wants to be the true leader of harmony, so it would seem! We need to start taking care of how we treat our people and demand that all of us are entitled to the same treatment. I celebrate Andrew Yang for having the strength to stand strong in a party that claims to stand for all, but clearly excludes many. He has been clearly misrepresented in the polls and often questioned late into the debates. Last night was no different, once again he was pushed into the shadows. However, due to his understanding of a deeper threat to the American people he was able to come out swinging as one of the winners of the last debate. His passion for helping the average American is coming across loud and clear.

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