What Would A Collaboration With Cardi B And Jessi Look Like?

If you haven’t heard of Jessi, I am sure you will be hearing about her soon. She has dropped a new piece with Jay Park and it is fire! Jay Park is under Roc Nation and was a KPOP group member before he went solo. Korean artist are coming for dinner and I love it.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

So, what does Cardi B and Jessi have in common some of you might ask. Well, I am here to spread a little Hip Hop love for ya and expand your knowledge on awesome talent that you have been missing out on. Before I start, let me introduce you to Jessi!

Jessi and Cardi are both from New York. Jessi moved to Korea when she was around the age of 15, and gained her popularity from a show in South Korea called Unpretty Rap Star. One of my favorites from her would be Who Dat B!

Cardi B gained mad popularity from Love and Hip Hop! Even though she shared the show with popular names in the industry, there was something about Cardi that just made her perhaps a little more interesting in my opinion. She was real and in a world full of political correctness commanding all stages of life, it was nice to see people just being people.

With Cardi’s rise to fame, she soon became the must have in videos. She was the icing on the cake and groups were flocking to her because of her unique style and sound. Soon she was performing with Maroon 5, French Montana, Jennifer Lopez and many others! She is the only woman to ever win an award for a Hip Hop rap album. So, she is defiantly a trailblazer.

Just like Cardi B is a trailblazer in our culture, Jessi is also a trailblazer in South Korea. Jessi’s music is different from other Korean female rap artist because it is gritty! While Jessi is loved by many in South Korea, she is still given grief for not fitting the image of other female artist in the industry. She is pushing the envelope with showing that women can be just as successful as men when it comes to rap music. Due to both of these females being trailblazers in their own way, I am really hoping for a future collaboration.

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