Transition Fever

Many parents want to be good parents and promote positive mental growth. However, I am fearful of the movement that some parents are starting to get involved in. Over the past year, we have heard of cases that have resulted in parents letting their children, as young as three years old pick their gender.

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Sadly, the newest case involves a medical professional who has decided she will let her child do a gender swap. The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has stated that CPS and the Office of the Attorney General is looking into the case. As a parent, I refuse to allow my children to label themselves. I feel that we have all gone through transitions in life, but we have found who and what we are supposed to be due to growth.

Some months ago, I wrote an article about my daughter stating that she was now bisexual. I asked her about her definition of bisexual and asked her some really pointed questions which provoked deeper conversation. I then explained to her about the dangers of labels and explained that people were much too complex to assign labels, due to our ability to change. I asked her to think about it, make sure that was her route, and I also told her no matter what I would accept her. Two weeks later she came back and said she was pretty sure she was straight.

I reaffirmed, that was the reason, we do not assign labels. In middle school I had my first same sex experience and I recall being too afraid to talk to my parents about it. After I got married I still recall looking at waitresses when they approached the table with my husband and I. I thought they were pretty even sometimes felt like there was a little flirting here and there. I remember joking once to my husband about this really cute waitress flirting with me and not him! I never wanted to act on my attraction after I got married, but I was still attracted to women. However, my emotional and physical attraction to my husband was enough to keep me grounded.

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I guess the moral of the story is to let children grow up and decide who they want to be. Sometimes we as parents do more damage by overreacting instead of just being really good listeners.

Vacation is over! See ya soon.

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