How The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Are Facing The Oldest Enemy In Today’s World

If you are anything like me you probably watched both Prince Harry and Megan Markle marry last year. I was so thrilled to finally see race thrown to the side. Their wedding meant that color was finally a thing of the past. It was the same barrage of emotions that came after Obama won office. After Obama was sworn into office and became the nations First Black President, yes that was his title to some of us! We really thought things were getting better in terms of race relations.

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Some eight years later, in walks Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Their relationship was able to endure the challenge which eventually produced a marriage. This week we have seen reports about The Duchess of Sussex showcasing just how vulnerable she is at this moment. Perhaps it is time to call off the pointed jabs that keep poking at this marriage from people in the press.

It’s simple if you care about the Prince, you will respect his family. I never thought I would say this, but perhaps The Duchess needs to think about forgiving her father. I was in many ways, a daddy’s little girl. Even when he was at his worse he was still my father. I still needed his direction, I still needed his approval and without having those words life is different. Life is harder to decode, harder to enjoy and harder to just breathe because he is no longer in this world.

A father’s love is just that important and right now she needs all the support she can get. Women are like trees. We stand tall and firm with many beautiful branches, but not all branches carry the same weight. Some branches are stronger than others, and stand as guards when the weaker ones fall down to earth still holding the tree upright. We position ourselves with strength, cloth ourselves with integrity, and fill our insides with love. Yet, sometimes drops of poison land on the most unexpected places, it springs up to produce jagged little thorns that rip us from here and there. Sometimes we must treat that branch before it hinders the entire tree. Even a tall beautiful tree suffers from an unhealthy ecosystem, so don’t forget to treat that ecosystem that we call our environment with positivity. Walk in love always.

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