Who’s Lurking In Your Neighborhood

I didn’t think much of this encounter until I heard Mueller’s report. A week ago my husband was talking to our neighbor across the street and he reported that a strange Russian man walked up to his house. He informed my husband that this man started up a conversation while he and his wife sat on their bench. He reported that the conversation started out about how things were hard and then it got crazy which resulted in his wife walking into the house and shutting the door. He then stated that he informed the man that he didn’t agree with whatever he was saying and he quickly followed his wife inside. When my husband asked him if he had ever seen the man, he responded that he thinks the man came from a local homeless shelter.

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

Last night all of the lights went out in the neighborhood. I freaked out and out of nowhere, I thought about Russia. Now, I haven’t been afraid of Russia since I was a little girl scouting out hiding places inside my classroom. Yet, after hearing the report from Mueller yesterday, I am fearful. This isn’t about politics anymore. Who was the Russian man on my street and why was he walking down the street saying random things to random people? What made the next door neighbor so uncomfortable that he wouldn’t repeat the conversation? Be careful and watch out. This could have been random and meant a big fat nothing, but if it isn’t take care to be on guard.


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