Mass Immigration’s Danger to the United States.

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A few weeks ago Russia made a remark about the US interfering in the aftermath of election results in Venezuela. I really didn’t think much on it because so much was happening at that time. However, being the ex investigator that I am, I started doing a little digging.

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Did you know that Russia and China have been eyeing certain Southern Nations? Russia apparently has been at this for a while. The article below explains just how and what’s going on below our American border. I think we need to have a honest conversation about what’s at stake at this moment.

First off, we need to help solve the need for mass immigration. A large reason why people are migrating to this country and to Mexico is because of economic worries. When a country doesn’t have enough money to support families, people will start looking to invest in other opportunities. When you take away the ability to earn, people start taking things into their own hands. They start turning to drugs, gangs, and whatever else they can get their hands on. In some of these areas countries can come in and give security while they slowly start to interfere with the government. We are a prosperous nation and our elections were interfered with to some degree. Imagine how a country could come in and do the same to one of those nations facing economic hardship? At this point emotions need to be tabled. We need to be asking ourselves one very real question.

Are we helping to aide these countries with destabilization? In my opinion, we are helping to tip their countries over and perhaps even into the hands of other nations. I can’t tell you that a wall will work with preventing people from entering the United States, but I can tell you that a wall will show that we are serious about immigration. We need to make sure the immigration system stays afloat. In Venezuela, we might really see the need for a refuge situation due to a conflict that could very well start due to governmental changes. This would be something we would be able to assist in because the citizens would need asylum. However, there needs to be a clear path for those people.

I worked as a domestic violence advocate many years ago, and sometimes we would get homeless people wanting to come in away from the elements. I had a hard time turning people away so of course, I would help them. One night I got a call about a women who was murdered by her husband and they had a group of children who needed shelter because they were in danger. We couldn’t provide them with shelter and their lives were at risk because we had let some of the others in who really didn’t need imminent protection at that point. I’ve often wondered what happened to those children and that situation changed the way I saw imminent vrs want. You have to interview people and you have to do a good job at it. There are people who have been coached and they know just what to say. We must make sure that we are open to those who need us, but we must make sure we are able to tell the difference between a need and a want.

Are we looking at this issue the right way, or are we only looking at the tip of the ice berg, my friends? What lurks below the border might be the key to understanding our future. Thank you for taking the time out to read my thoughts and have a great week.


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