NCT 127 The Game Changes Once Again


Can we all agree that music is everlasting and universal? With that said, KPOP is coming into a new phase as it gains new listeners. NCT 127 has just released their first English version called Regular and their Korean version will be coming soon. As a fan, wait let me look around!! Regular hits the point on many levels. With the English version, the group is posed to rack in new listeners and that’s a win for KPOP.

Now some of the hardcore BTS fans like my daughter are debating the fact that hearing English versions of KPOP songs takes away the KPOP feel. She mentioned that the whole idea of KPOP is that the songs have to be done in Korean, but if music stays true to music, there’s always room for enhancements. As I see it, not only does releasing a song in English show versatility, but it also gives room to add more listeners.

Don’t forget this group will also be collaborating with DJKhaled. I’m going to play like my Tweet brought them together!!! At least I called it, and it is happening! The Tweet!!

Replying to 

So, Ummm did you see NTC 127 about wanting to do something with you. Read about it here. I bet you would sound great together.

We now have BTS and NCT 127 performing on large American platforms. Just last night NCT 127 performed on Jimmy Kimmel.
So, I saw this coming!! Okay it might have been because they said something about it!! I have an eye for these things. My next KPOP predictions will show a rise in KPOP groups bringing more English songs to the surface. So, sit back and listen to NCT 127 and their newest song!!

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