Scary Times For Parents Equal Sleepless Nights

My daughter finally called around four this morning. Before she called I was getting in touch with everyone I knew. I finally reached someone who had been in touch with her 11 hours ago and he’s in New Zealand. Someone was finally able to tell her that we were trying to reach her. I don’t know maybe three days doesn’t seem long to some, but it was kind of long to me. With all the girls around her age coming up killed lately, it’s just a scary world now. I know I have male followers, and I don’t mean to offend, but there seems to be an atmosphere of just enough unapologetic men who are truly making this a scary place for our daughters. I almost feel like it’s open season on women and I don’t know why. We’ve seen two murders in the last month by two different people within 2 hours of each other. I can’t help but feel like these women are becoming products of their environments. I’m talking about the environment of harming and disrespecting women. I think respect trickles down and if you have someone in the White House who doesn’t respect women and he is a role model to some, then the disrespect flows from his fountain. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I just feel like we must be careful because the water’s compromised and I’m not talking about on a political sphere. I think we are looking at something that runs much deeper than Republican or Democrat. I’m an Indie so my views are all over the place.

In other news or moving on, my 16-year-old told me that someone has started reading all her stories on Snap Chat I guess that’s what it’s called. Anyway, I called it Snap Chatting and the children died laughing. I never claimed to be a social media expert. However, we had to have the talk. She was under the conclusion more like illusion that if someone Dm’ed her and happened to be famous that our rules would magically disappear. I informed her that she can’t accept DM’s from older people, and that if we find out she is chatting with this person, her snap chatting is gone. So yeah, we rolled from one situation right into another situation.

Friday is normally my entertainment day for the blog but given the events that went down with our daughter, I just wanted to update you guys. Thanks for caring and have a great weekend.

Throw back to our mountain adventure. Lessons learned:

1.Bring better shoes.

2. Pack water on hiking trips.

3. Maybe knocking off twenty of so extra pounds before the next go around will help with the rock climbing.



Lesson Learned:

  1. Do not ever take children’s boyfriends on family outings.
  2. Try not to sit in a hole in a crater of a volcano for five hours mining for diamonds.  It was a little embarrassing explaining why my butt hurt to the nurse at the ER.
  3. We had water so we learned something from the hike and applied it to the mining trip.

    If you would like to help navigate our next outing drop an idea. As always feel free to donate to the site if you wish.

    Fishing Boat

    I'm trying to save up for the Pelican Predator 10'3 fishing boat. It's 849.00! If you know anyone in Texas who wants to gift a boat because they don't need it anymore, that would be even better. At this rate it's going to take me a long time to save up!!!


Trying to Keep My Mind Off My Daughter

I know we have to let children grow up, but it’s hard. I haven’t heard from her in three days and she hasn’t been online in three days which is odd because she is a gamer. I’m sure it’s just me being over the top, but I am worried. She’s 20 and I couldn’t talk her out of this trip. I tried to talk her out at every turn, but she wanted to go so bad. To make matters worse she didn’t leave me any address or name of the guy’s mother. I should have asked for more information. Now, I’m going to be on pins and needles until I hear something. Her boyfriend told her I was a control freak, but I don’t think I’m that at all, I’m just a parent.

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We Need a Law to Make It Illegal To Call in Malicious Child Abuse Cases

In some states it is against the law to call in malicious child abuse cases, however the police would often do nothing when it came to punishing the person for calling in the case. While it is understood that some cases are true abuse, we now understand that the majority of cases aren’t. I think it’s time to change the way reporting is conducted. Instead of having anonymous reporters, make them give their names to the agency. In most cases true reports will have the name of the reporter anyway, so why not bring the trouble making anonymous reporter out of hiding?

By law investigators can’t tell who the reporter is because of confidentially. However, CPS knows the reporter. It’s time to have the state do a better job at monitoring calls and getting more information from the callers. People can be arrested for making a false statement to the police because of the manpower it takes away and the drama it causes. Why wouldn’t CPS have the same laws in place? It’s time someone looks at the trouble that comes from false claims against families. There has to be a better way of protecting people.

Understand that nobody is above a false claim. It can happen to a doctor, lawyer, senator, and yes even a president. It’s hard to believe that something so horrible takes place on a normal basis, until it happens to you.

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When Disasters Make You Stronger

It was the day after Christmas and a day I will truly never forget. We had just made it home and were unpacking our things from spending the earlier part of the day with family. My husband and I went to the store and then a series of text messages hit our phones. The first one said something about a tornado warning and then a few minutes later we got another about a tornado being on the ground. Nobody had ever heard of a tornado touching down near Christmas. My husband didn’t believe it until the lights flickered. I remember grabbing the girls, the dogs and rushing into our closet. I didn’t think we stood a chance in hell because the door wouldn’t close. My husband and I were having to keep it closed by pulling it shut. Then the first crash came through the window. I told everyone to just pray. If the wall came down, the door was as good as gone, which meant my family would have been gone too. As we started praying the objects hitting our side of the building seemed to stop. After the roaring stopped we walked outside and everything to the left of us was wiped out. After that day, our world changed.

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This was our neighborhood after the storm hit.

While storms render us helpless, they also give us a new respect for life. You learn to enjoy each day and take new risk. This is us mining for diamonds months after the tornado. Needless to say, we didn’t find any. Yet, it was something we needed to do. Things may never get back to normal, but who says they can’t get better?