Understanding It All.

This will be the last post this week on this subject. We are going to talk about reasons people can’t care for children within their family. There are two main reasons people lose rights to care for children when the parents can’t. The two main reasons people find themselves denied are for criminal and CPS history. Believe it or not in some families there aren’t any members who can pass that check. This is when removals are a must. Don’t get me wrong there are some cases that need removal at that moment because the kids are in life and death situations. However, most of the cases will not make it to this degree of urgency.

One thing that angered me was the fact that you would see different rulings for the same allegations. You would see females getting Reasons to Believe due to them being victims of domestic violence, but then a year later, the law changes. What about all the people who received Reasons to Believe from the years past? Keep in mind these Reasons to Believe are like issues showing up on your criminal record. If you have a Reason to Believe, you will have to kiss education, healthcare, or anything else dealing with central registry checks good-bye. The system needs work.

We won’t even go into the time I pushed to give a teacher a Reason to Believe for putting her hands on a child and leaving a mark on him. Her words about the children were horrible, but my boss wanted me to think about her job.

black and white fence crime forbidden
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com


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