World Wide Suicide Day Prevention

So for those of you who have lost loved ones or who have nearly lost loved ones to suicide, pick up your torch today. Suicide or the attempt of it grabs a family by the neck and yanks at their very lifeline.  The first thing that comes into mind is that it couldn’t be happening to your child. My daughter tried to commit suicide at age 12 after a bullying incident. It was hard and I questioned every move I made surrounding that time. A lot of people were talking about bringing a lawsuit and for a minute we thought about it and even looked into it.  Yet, things started to decline with Ariana, it became clear that a lawsuit wasn’t going to help our child, we needed all hands on deck.


Today we are still watchful, and I push affirmations like a star. We notice the little and the big because we will never forget the 12 year old Ariana wanting to end it all. Stay alert, I mean really alert. Listen to your children! DRiDB26VoAAUK74ari

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