Helping Kids To See Their Worth

Tonight, my daughter got yet another wayward reply from a guy she met at a game. She is having issues when it comes to finding a person who likes her for who she is and not what she looks like. She walked in with tears in her eyes and read the text questioning her virginity by the unknown guy. Then she said she was never going to find her good guy and she would forever be single. Now, on any other day, I would be happy to hear, the always be single words come out of her mouth. Yet, the admission of those words seemed to bring up something deeper in her. I saw her sadness and reassured her that her Mr. Right was waiting for her. I reminded her that keeping to her standards and living her life with meaning was more important than any potential boyfriend. In truth, she is too special, too kind, too awesomely crafted, too smart, and too rare to lower herself for a run-a-way guy. So, if your daughters or sons are having the same issue tonight, let them know the same. They are here because they are special, they are here because their lives have meaning, and that will never change.

I’m her biggest supporter for life!


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