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There are moments when the democrats appear to be from a distant planet called, FICTION. As an Independent, my ideals run very middle of the road. In my mind, abortion isn’t right, but I wouldn’t take the choice away from women because I am not their God. I support conserving nature because we are living on a dying planet, thanks to our decisions. I don’t believe that being homosexual is related to a gene, I feel like it is related to someone acting on their feelings. I don’t believe that all illegals are bad people, but I support the building of a wall because walls protect.

Gate or Wall

gate grass wood wooden
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


President Obama had at some point and has a wall right now, at least I’m willing to bet on it. He used that wall to keep out threats that could have harmed his family. Drive down any rich neighborhood and you will find walls. I bet some of these democrats that are talking about not wanting to build walls, live behind walls. You see, protection seems to work only for the rich in America. When someone wants to make sure we all stand protected, we see wide criticism.

Wall Or Gate

antique bolt dirty door
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Walls protect us from drugs, gang violence and yes even disease. Did you know that there are some countries that revoke people from leaving because of diseases? Don’t let politics cloud your judgement when it comes to your safety. If you live behind one of these, you can’t tell me you feel safe.

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