American Rap Apocalopsis!! EMINEM’s Back!!

Yes. I am telling you we are about to have a clash of the greats. In this corner we have Eminem! He’s one of the greatest solo rap artist and has inspired many young men. I will not put a white label or black label because he’s good! Race has very little to do with his talent and that’s why he’s still making music. In the other corner, we have bad boy Machine Gun Kelly. He’s fresh, easy on the eyes, and he has a lot of raw talent. Standing in the middle of the run though, is none other than G-Eazy. G-Eazy is like the go to guy for rap today. He’s like the DMX of many years ago. He’s on multiple records, talented, had his heart broken by I”M BAD AT LOVE!!!!Girl!! I can’t hate, I love Halsey and wishes she would get with SUGA from BTS on the DL.

Just saying, I’m a romantic.

Feuds are a good thing in music because it helps to keep people on their toes. So as long as these guys keep their clothes on and keep the fight fair, we should be in for some good music. Kamikaze is already turning out to be one of my new American favorites. My top four songs are below. Yes, I like KPOP HIP HOP!!


My songs, my taste!

This is why they call Machine Gun Kelly, Machine Gun Kelly. SHM Damn.

Bobby Member of IKON-KPOP Sounds like Eminem! I love it.



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