I’ll be working on my book for the next month or so and that means, I am will only focus on book stuff. I might write a couple of post a week, but it will not be like I have been doing in the past. Please take the time to read some of my earlier post, and enjoy this weekend. Go out and have a good breakfast, and lunch. I don’t go out much due to having social anxiety problems. Yeah, probably wondering how did that work for me in the investigation world, it was a constant challenge. I had to push myself, but my job in the end was bigger than my anxiety.

Thanks for following me and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on some of my post.

close up of leaf
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Former investigator and mother of three wonderful girls. My blog is about learning how to navigate through life without placing yourself and the people you love at risk. I focus on parenting, community, and issues that define us as a nation.

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