Explaining Accidental Teaching Of A Parent

I am not the best Christian in the world. I don’t go to church like I’m supposed to go and I curse a little too much, but I think I’ve done something God wouldn’t like, even on a larger scale. I think I’ve preached judgmental themes into my children’s lives. My middle child is no longer sounding like a 16 carefree child, she sounds like a past version of myself. I’ve got to change her display settings and show her the world in a different light. A youthful mind should be like a blank canvas ready to take on all the colors of the world, did I give her the type of paints that I liked the most, or did I let her pick? Will I forever be explaining the accidental teachings of my earlier self? How do you correct

women s in white scoop neck mini dress in front of boy s in gray top and blue shorts
Photo by Igor Starkov on Pexels.com

the teachings of the past without looking like a bad parent?

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