Biggest Fear

I think I found the reason I can’t move to chapter 2. I’m scared of failure, I know Thomas Edison said  “I have not failed. I have just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” What if I don’t have 9999 ways to not make it work? I think chapter one sounds boring. The reason I wanted to write the book was to show the good and bad of social workers. I think the entertainment industry shows only the bad stuff and I wanted to be determined to show that there are good people in that field. Sadly, there are also bad people which is the reason I am not longer in the field.  If you have time, read chapter one. Am I right?

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Former investigator and mother of three wonderful girls. My blog is about learning how to navigate through life without placing yourself and the people you love at risk. I focus on parenting, community, and issues that define us as a nation.

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