Donald Trump’s Economic Watch 7/31/2018

In today’s economic watch we are looking at HEB. When I purchased groceries on the 11th, I paid 66.00 bucks! We went and purchased food today and I spent 81 dollars. Soda was a little higher, but nothing too drastic. Franks were on sale again this week and I found new snacks. they are smaller versions of lunchables.. Hamburger meat seems to be staying the same, I got the 8 patties which came out to be 10 bucks. It looks like the thin chops went down a little.

Surprisingly when I went to Aldi’s store last week I noticed they had higher prices on some of their items that are normally cheap. The bread seemed to be a little higher and the eggs were too. Aldi normally has the specials which allow people to buy four items for a certain price, but they do not seem to be doing that anymore. I went with coffee beans called Barissimo Morning Roast. It wasn’t too expensive. I don’t have a grinder, so I am using a bowl and a cup! Needless to say, I am not drinking coffee everyday because it freaking hurts to grind the beans. Who has time for that?

IMG_0118 good

So after all my spot buying this is my freezer! Are you brave enough to show yours???

IMG_0227 food

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