Dealing With Mental Junk

So, my daughter wanted me to buy her a swimsuit because she wanted to go swimming. I ignored the calls until I finally made myself answer and say yes, but I am so scared. There have been so many drownings this summer, and I had to work one. It’s crazy how one day this kid can be happy and loving life and the next day because of a stupid accident, be on life support. I think the hardest part is having to talk to the family even when you know the family did nothing wrong. I will not miss that at all. It’s one thing when child abuse is suspected, but when it is a confirmed accident, the needless badgering isn’t right.  All you can think about is that this could be you and your family. Right now I want to pick my daughter up and say I changed my mind, but I taught her how to swim. I have to get over it. This part sucks.

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