A Proud Mom!

I took my daughter shopping yesterday for her tennis gear. I must say, it felt freaking awesome! We were in the store with other parents picking out athletic wear, and I felt a tremendous sense of joy. I’m one of those moms!! My middle daughter showed me her schedule for theater and she’s going to be busy which means, I’m going to be busy. I love it, I didn’t know how much I could love this stage, but I love it. Having a career was awesome, but there’s something about investing in your children. Now if I could only invest in cleaning up the house. One battle at a time! Time to write and play Ark.

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What John McCain Taught Me.

My family was and is mostly made up of Democrats. My thoughts and ideas differed from a very young age, but I didn’t really know much about the Republican Party. The things I knew about the party were told to me by other Democrats which highlighted a lot of racism within the Republican Party. I recall watching John McCain on TV and then hearing the term Moderate Republican. I wanted to learn more about this group of people who seemed to think like me. The more I learned the more I came to understand that my ideas were very middle of the road and I was more of a moderate thinker. Thank you for helping me to see another way of thinking.


BTS and Nicki Minaj!!!!


And they all lived happily ever after! Who am I talking about, I’m talking about KPOP and Hip pop! I have to say, I’m really finding myself falling for some of these KPOP groups and I’m loving the fact that we are seeing more collaborations. I’m still waiting to see if more groups will break into America’s mad music stream and do as well as BTS, but I’m super proud of all of the groups. Check the story below and follow me! 



I’ll be working on my book for the next month or so and that means, I am will only focus on book stuff. I might write a couple of post a week, but it will not be like I have been doing in the past. Please take the time to read some of my earlier post, and enjoy this weekend. Go out and have a good breakfast, and lunch. I don’t go out much due to having social anxiety problems. Yeah, probably wondering how did that work for me in the investigation world, it was a constant challenge. I had to push myself, but my job in the end was bigger than my anxiety.

Thanks for following me and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on some of my post.

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