Demi Lovato’s Great American Struggle

Drugs are the catalyst of our culture. During my time as an investigator, I saw plenty of drug cases which often were highlighted at hospitals during infant testing. In most cases, if the babies were born with anything other than marijuana in their systems, the children would be removed. In those situations removal is the only way to insure child safety. One might wonder what would make a mother use during her pregnancy. The answers are never clear and the reasons are never acceptable. One thing for sure, we know that the children born to parents with addictions are placed at higher risk for trauma. Sadly, there are neighborhoods full of drugs. During one of my investigations a neighboring apartment complex once informed me that I needed to call up all the CPS investigators I could find and get a wagon and take away all of the children from a property near them. The drugs were so bad in that area that a dealer tried to get at a young intern who tagged along with me as we walked to the location of my investigation.

The schools are full of drugs. Our children are really having to rely on what we have taught them in terms of staying clean and saying no to drugs. If you have not taken the time out to have that talk, guess what, this is a great time. My middle daughter informed me that a counselor had smelled her hands as she walked out of the bathroom last year because she could smell marijuana coming from the bathroom. She understood the reason behind it, but she found it sad that even school professionals had to act as police on their campuses due to the amount of drug activity. We have classes on sex education within our schools maybe it’s time to start having classes on drug education as well. Honestly, while we are at it, we should also add classes on mental health awareness. How many shootings have we seen with links to mental health issues? Perhaps the children need more than a chapter on drugs because clearly a lot of them are using them. Take this time to talk to your children and learn the warning signs.


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