The Hidden Meaning

Sara stormed out of the house as Tara grabbed a large bottle and threw it her way. “Don’t come back, we don’t need you anyway.”

“I never wanted to come back here, I have my own life,” hissed Sara. “I’m going back to Alabama.”

Tara stuck her middle finger up and slammed the door. Within seconds , the house started to make loud grinding noises and then a terrible crash echoed into the air. Sara quickly turned and grabbed her mouth in disbelief. Trying hard not to trip on broken wood or misplaced stone, Sara raced towards the only entry that was still semi-standing. Tara was nowhere to be seen, she bent down and pulled a heavy oak like plank from the middle of the structure, but still Tara was nowhere to be seen. Everything was gone, the doors, walls, and the ceiling that once shielded her and her sister, were all on the ground splintered into hundreds of pieces. Sara collapsed onto the ground and started crying. Soon the rain started coming down with powerful droplets and loud thundering.

Sara made her way to the open field and raced in the direction of the base of  their childhood mountain hiding place. She hadn’t been to the mountain in years, but it was still familiar.  Slowly she moved from ledge to ledge until she crossed path with a large Autumn like tree. It appeared to hold the secrets of seasons within its trunks. As she walked around the tree their small cave appeared. It was almost magical in sight with a sparkling white light appearing from within. Feeling sorrow and guilt on an unchartered scale, Sara entered the mouth of the cave and stood still.

With all of that said, the painting started to take on a different message as I worked on it. 

So it started out like



I didn’t like the cave, I felt like it looked like the back of a head and it still looks cold to me.


I still didn’t like the cave and it still didn’t seem warm enough. I like to be moved.


Too bad I can’t show it right side up!!

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Former investigator and mother of three wonderful girls. My blog is about learning how to navigate through life without placing yourself and the people you love at risk. I focus on parenting, community, and issues that define us as a nation.

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