What’s Behind The Photo


You will find this one in my art gallery for https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/shelundra-santiago.html

It started out with a white background. However, I love color and often I like dark colors so I ended up bringing the darkness with just a little splash of red to creep my kids out. HAHA I told them, look there’s blood on the walls. baumholder-dream-shelundra-santiago

This was one of my favorites, but I felt lit it was a little too light, but this one and the darker version can be also found on the website.  fantasy-shelundra-santiago Sadly this one was also ruined in the tornado. We had a tornado the day after Christmas a few years ago , it was cold and the electricity wasn’t working. So some of these paintings ended up as material for fire to keep my kids warm. This one sadly gave its life for that result. However, it at least made it to the gallery before it happened.

This is the end result of the darkening of the picture.


If you look into the center you will see a little globe looking area, I wanted it to look like something mythical was hiding in its very own protected spot. It is the area where the leaves come up the most.

I fear, I can’t draw and maybe can’t even paint that well, but it sure feels good.

I almost forgot about this one. I looked over in my corner and saw it! I love trees, but I also love storms. In this painting it’s a storm that kind of over powers the tree. I kind of feel like we have so many moments in life that are just so overwhelming, I guess it maybe how I feel most of the time. So, this one isn’t in the gallery.


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