I Can’t Do That!


So, as many of you know, I am now officially unemployed. I’m home with my children while my husband works and it’s already starting to drive me nuts. I have been off for eight days and maybe three hours. So, prior to leaving my employment there was a list of things that I did not have time to accomplish which I now can!

#1. Get an oil change. This was completed Tuesday of last week.

#2. Go check out my local library. Completed last week.

#3. Buy a new book. Completed last week.

#4. Get new tires. Completed Last Week.

#5. Start a new manuscript. I am 7000 words in.

#6. Start a new Blog. You’re reading it!

#7. Tell sisters I quit my job. Work in progress.


This is now week two and I have another list of things to do. 

#1. Clean up the house.

#2. Work on the Garden.

#3. Work on my manuscript. I love that word, it’s so fancy. SMILE!!

#4. Work on telling my family that I quit my job.

5. Introduce something new and fun to the world. What goes in that corner?  Give any ideas you might have on decorating. Oh and check out my artwork. https://fineartamerica.com/featured/brilliant-morning-shelundra-santiago.html 

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