Shall We Talk?

So, I caused a little bit of a stink on Twitter because I stated that Ms. Waters shouldn’t have been aggressive in her speech. This is my issue with people who ride or die with Ms. Waters. First of all, her district which is 43 happens to have a lot of gang activity. The people who are tasked with fighting a lot of these gangs depending on where they are from are ICE. Now, you can say what you want! However, the problem with people in positions like hers and other high profile positions is that they no longer feel the need to do the real leg work. In districts like 43, they need more cops, more community organizations for the youth, more drug education classes, more educational programs for the parents, and they also need someone telling them that they can make it out of that district, just like Ms. Waters did.

Now my concern for the people who came across the border is not out of hate, or spite, but out of caring. For the past five years I have been working with victims of sex trafficking, domestic violence, abuse by parents, and also people with drug addictions. On one occasion a lady came into one of the shelters and tried to recruit young undocumented mothers. The traffickers promise to help the young moms get documentation and then they use them up. In my last job I investigated child abuse and when children were abused and we could not locate family because they were in Mexico or something like that, they would end up in foster care. There isn’t an easy win in this situation. You can not tell me that these people could not fine one single spot in their area that was safe. It is safer to stay with the known than to travel to a foreign place and fall into the hands of a human trafficker.

Lastly, call me crazy, but I think we are looking at a planned division. Who benefits from undocumented workers coming back into the country the most? The people here have often exploited these workers and used them to take away jobs for Americans. A plumber once came into my house and the Mexican guy he was with slit his finger really bad on something. Blood was gushing all over the place. The plumber was like he is okay and tried to make the guy keep working. I was like this man is getting help because his finger looks like it is about to fall off. I guess my question is, what are you opening these children and families up to when they can’t make it on their own? Are you ready to hear about them being victims of violence because of exploitation?

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