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Drugs are the catalyst of our culture. During my time as an investigator, I saw plenty of drug cases which often were highlighted at hospitals during infant testing. In most cases, if the babies were born with anything other than marijuana in their systems, the children would be removed. In those situations removal is the only way to insure child safety. One might wonder what would make a mother use during her pregnancy. The answers are never clear and the reasons are never acceptable. One thing for sure, we know that the children born to parents with addictions are placed at higher risk for trauma. Sadly, there are neighborhoods full of drugs. During one of my investigations a neighboring apartment complex once informed me that I needed to call up all the CPS investigators I could find and get a wagon and take away all of the children from a property near them. The drugs were so bad in that area that a dealer tried to get at a young intern who tagged along with me as we walked to the location of my investigation.

The schools are full of drugs. Our children are really having to rely on what we have taught them in terms of staying clean and saying no to drugs. If you have not taken the time out to have that talk, guess what, this is a great time. My middle daughter informed me that a counselor had smelled her hands as she walked out of the bathroom last year because she could smell marijuana coming from the bathroom. She understood the reason behind it, but she found it sad that even school professionals had to act as police on their campuses due to the amount of drug activity. We have classes on sex education within our schools maybe it’s time to start having classes on drug education as well. Honestly, while we are at it, we should also add classes on mental health awareness. How many shootings have we seen with links to mental health issues? Perhaps the children need more than a chapter on drugs because clearly a lot of them are using them. Take this time to talk to your children and learn the warning signs.


Things That Will Get Child Protective Services Called To Your Door.

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As a former child abuse investigator, I feel it is only fair to educate the public about things that can help and insure family safety. I may no longer be with the department due to differences in opinions, but for the most part I want to still help out in my community. We need to educate parents on the various reasons behind CPS showing up at the door.

You might not think that blunt was a big deal when your smoked it at five months into your pregnancy, but you can get CPS called on you if your baby has a positive meconium test. What is a meconium test? The meconium is the first poop from your baby when he or she arrives in the world. This means if you have taken anything like opiates, marijuana, methamphetamine,amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, LSD, even marijuana it will show up and CPS will get called. You have to have prescriptions for any kind of hydrocodone or any medications that will show up. If you do not have those prescriptions, you are looking at troublee. You can’t do drugs.

CPS gets referrals from anyone and everyone. Most CPS cases are false allegations, but that doesn’t mean that the investigation will not carry on. DO NOT REFUSE TO TALK TO CPS or at least call your lawyer before you refuse. If a refusal is given and the allegation is a drug, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or other serious allegation, CPS can go to court and get a court order. I knew of workers who wouldn’t warn people about that outcome and those cases ended in removals when they could have been something else. I myself have had to explain the outcome to indivisibles who first refused, but later they were able to understand and their cases were closed with safe findings within a month. If you have nothing to hide, let the investigation take place. It’s like I used to tell my clients, we are in a river and the only way out is to keep moving.

CPS has to investigate even accidental deaths. I know this can be hard to understand for a lot of people and if is uncomfortable for all parties involved, but remember that CPS has to make sure that the accident was indeed an accident. CPS will also investigate if you have prior removals or have relinquished rights by CPS courts. This means you can have a CPS worker show up on your door five years from now if a new baby is born, if you gave your child to CPS in the past.

There will be cases that are clear removals and the parents will be found in violation of the rules, but for those issues that aren’t clear removals and that can be worked out by community services or lessor CPS services, make sure to ask about those services. Until then, be safe and take care of those babies.

These are just a few of the reasons why CPS might show up on your
doorstep. I don’t think I need to explain why sexual, physical or being
neglectful will result in removals, because clearly if you are found in this group, you are causing trauma to your child. If you know someone who is endangering a child call the national abuse hotline for your state.ou are not able to open the SWAY document, look here.

As for living with suspected sex offenders, someone can also call in on cases if they feel like you are living with a person who has been known to be a sex offender.


As A Former Child Abuse Investigator
As a former child abuse investigator, I feel it is only fair to educate the public about things that can help and insure family safety. I may no longer be with the department due to differe…
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Faith Means

There are times in life when we find ourselves standing at the bottom of the box called life. We all know that the only way to the top is to climb, but some of us lack the knowledge of what climbing really looks like. We walk around in circles, jog, pace, but the dreaded first step is always avoided. I’m too stupid, too fat, too weak are some of the things we tell ourselves, but we never say, I’m too brave, I’m too strong, or I have the faith of ten thousand strong. On the 25th of this month, I will celebrate my 1 month anniversary from stepping away from my job. I took a big step and said goodbye to something that I felt was starting to hurt the community more than help the community. Today my life is different and perhaps filled with more meaning because I am teaching my children a lesson and today my oldest told me she wants to MAJOR in ARCHEOLOGY. I recall my mother telling me a long time ago when I was a young child that black people couldn’t be archeologist, and now her granddaughter will take on the major. I gave up the idea because I was told I couldn’t, but my daughter will take on the task because she was told, she could!   And before I go, I would like to introduce you to my newest baby. Meet my new business!


Sometimes, it just takes a little rearranging.