Is Donald Trump a Hitler or Modern Lincoln?

Is Trump a Hitler or a Modern Lincoln?

First, let me be the first to say, I did not vote for Donald Trump. I felt like voting for Donald Trump would be something equivalent to voting for a Rockstar. As an African American I felt it was my obligation to vote for a Democrat because that’s what we did as African Americans. Okay, let me be honest, I did not vote for Donald Trump because of a promise I made to my children. I am very Independent, and my voting has been that way for a very long time. My husband and I have always been Independent, but lately these views are starting to cause friction in the Santiago household. Yes, the last name is Santiago. My husband is Puerto Rican and he served in the Army for 14 years until his back would no longer tolerate armor due to an injury he acquired some years earlier.
If your family is anything like mine, I bet you are having to explain a whole lot of things to your children. Some of the things are good, while some of them are not so good.

About two nights ago my 16-year-old and I found ourselves in a heated debate over immigration rights. My 16 swore I was racist for trying to explain how the immigration process needed to be worked and why President Trump was working so hard to repair the damage to an already punctured structure. This is the way I explained the need for immigration laws and the need for reform. I am sure many of you have people who work for you, or you have at least filled out an application at one time in your life. If you are an employer, do you simply hire anyone without running a background check? If you own property and find yourself renting it out, do you let people move into your property without running background checks? Lastly, if you have applied for a job with any company, didn’t you have to fill out an application? If you answered yes to any of these things, you have been vetted or you have had someone else vetted. If your houses, jobs, or schools require vetting should we not practice the same service to those coming from other countries?

America is not in any shape to house millions of refugees until America cleans up the slums called the projects in so many cities across America. When I say the word slum, I am not categorizing a group of people, I am talking about the buildings they live in. Up until this week I was an investigator of child abuse. I was the person knocking on the door trying to figure out how to help families and protect children from harm. I gave my job up because I concluded that the system didn’t care enough about helping to keep families with parents who wanted to protect them from the abusers, instead it was a show of authority. Investigators like myself who went above and beyond were criticized because we did not follow to their code of thinking, we tried to make a difference. Meanwhile who gets hurt in the end, it is always the children. The children grow up in those slums, they are raped in the slums, introduced to drugs in those slums, and finally give birth to more children to repeat the cycle. Oh, and then there are the cases of parents who just no longer want to take care of there children, guess where they go? They go into our foster care, and that is where our money is needed.

Did you know that foster care children are in direct danger of getting forced into sex trafficking? Did you know that there are and could be houses that have these children in some of your neighborhoods? We have so many different wars we are trying to fight and win at home, we are trying to fight the war of poverty, drugs, homelessness, and broken children. Then there’s another little factor that nobody ever mentions. The issue is the increase of employment for African Americans. Under President Obama, African Americans had some of their highest levels of unemployment. I don’t know if any of you can recall when President Bush was in office, but I recall conversations about the Hispanic population and how their taking of jobs would hinder black people. I truly believe we are looking at some sort of bubble bursting. I feel like we were witnessing something like the Bleeding Kansas which helped to bring America to the start of the Civil War. In some freaky way, we were looking at the rehashing of a modern-day Missouri Compromise. Instead of slaves being forced on lands that were worked by the poor, illegal immigrants were being pushed and paid to work for nearly nothing. This sapped the jobs from the poor while making those who gained from their nearly free labor richer by the minute.
I guess in my mind, I feel like if you are for illegal immigration, then you are for some form of slavery. We know many of the people who come over lack the skills to stand on their own, so this pushes them into the arms of people who would take advantage of them. I want to make sure whoever comes to this country has the chance at a good future, and unless they do it legally, they will spend their days hiding and becoming a victim. Is Trump a Hitler or a Modern Lincoln with issues?

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